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Mary Stuart

Mary, Queen Of Scots Mary Stuart , was born at Linlithge Palace on Dec 8th, 1542, 6 days later she became the Queen of Scotland. Her French mother sent her to France in 1548, at the age of 6. In April of the year 1558, she got married to Francis the second of France. In July of the year 1559, Francis became King of France and Mary became Queen of France. Even though at the same time she was Queen of Scotland. Soon after her greedieness grew and wanted to take over England. Mary tried to claim the English thrown in the year 1558. Her claim was based on that she was the grandaughter of Margret Tudor. As well as Mary wanting to claim the English thrown, so did Elizabeth the first. To the Romans Cathlics Mary's claim apperared stronger than Elizabeth. Mary who was about to become 18 years of age was left in a difficult position. Mary was unwilling to stay in France so she went back to Scotland. There her husband died and she was convicted of his murder. She was put in jail, yet was able to escape with the help of friends. This left a large force behind Mary. At this point Mary decided to leave Scotland and go to England for support. Mary had a bad ending. While she was in convicted in England numerous plots by the English Roman Cathlics envolved around her. The Babinton plot,the assasination of Eliabeth, was formend to trap Mary. Later Mary was found guilty and beheaded on Feb 8th 1587. The last thing Mary did before she was beheaded was she wrote a letter. She wrote the letter six hours before she was beheaded at Fortherhinghay Castle. This letter contained four pages written to her brother-in-law, Henry III king of France. She wrote the letter in French, yet it has been translated to English. She had a hard life in all. Mary had a hard life trying to keep her thrones. Mary was Queen of Scotland from the year 1542 to the year 1567. She was also Queen of Frace from the year 1559 to the year 1560. Aswell as Queen of Scotland and Queen of France she also tried to take over the English throne in th year 1558. In conclution, Mary had a hard life trying to keep her thrones.

(c) Michal Hrdlicka, 11.4. 2001, rubrika: Nezařaditelné
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