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Advertising Opportunities

The internet portal was unveiled in October 2000. Its goal is to gather information about products and services that are available for free on internet, as well as in the "real" world. Visitors of can access this information conveniently using both full text search engine and yahoo-like catalog. The server has established a large following of visitors that regularly read articles published on our server. These visitors are a potential target for your advertising campaign.

The visit rate is audited by Taylor Nelson Sofres Media ( The number of visitors has been steadily increasing and currently it amounts to 150,000 pages viewed per month.

Why is interesting for advertisers:

  • Our visitors are well profiled group that is actively seeking information about products and services that can be obtained for free or in addition to a paid service.
  • can tailor the advertising campaign to your needs in order to maximize its impact.

Our prices:

 Text content    articles                        (contact us for price)
                 paid links                      (contact us for price)

 Banners         banner 468*60                      200 Kc per 1000 views
                 1 month                         15,000 Kc
                 1 month, mornings only           8,000 Kc
                 1 month, afternoons only        10,000 Kc
                 1/2 banner 234*60                  120 Kc per 1000 views
                 button 84*27                       100 Kc per 1000 views
                 text link, max. 17 chars            60 Kc per 1000 views

A typical banner campaign consists of a banner 468x60 pixels that is displayed on the top of each page for a duration of 1 month. A click on the banner opens a new page with detailed information about the advertised product or with internet presentation of your company. The banner can be supplied by you or it will be created by IT MEDIA a.s. according to your specification. The banner campaign will be launched within two days after we received your order.

You can order a banner campaign using ordering form. If you are interested in non-standard services or have any questions contact us at or call +42 02 21667256.

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